Type: Arch Viz - Professional

Client: Denegei Bessai Studio

Location: Toronto, Canada

Year: 2019 & 2020



Focusing on residential projects and small scale digital fabrication installations,
Denegri Bessai Studio is an multi-disciplinary design studio. I was
a Project Designer for the City of Toronto Parklets which was completed
within a 3 month time frame (from concept to completion). The geometry
of the Parklet design is a continuation of Principle Tom Bessai’s
ongoing material research dealing with plywood and its “active bending”
potential. I was responsible for integrating these principles within the
design of the Parklet bench, utilizing Grasshopper as a generator to finetune
the curvature from which to develop the plan and sections. I was
then responsible for completing the DD, and CD documents, as well as
creating final shop drawings for CNC manufacturing. Final visualizations
of the Parklet shown on this spread were completed by myself.

All images property of Denegri Bessai Studio.

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