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Collaboration with BIG/MEDIUM/SMALL



The INDUSTRIAL ZONE 3D Asset Pack is finally released! 

Incredibly excited to share my collaboration with Big/Medium/Small. Very humbled to have been asked by Jama Jurabaev to make this and it has been an amazing journey throughout the entire process. 

The brief was simple: make the most amazing looking industrial buildings, yet give them a slight sci-fi edge while still staying true to their functionality. Some of you may know I have a background in architecture - it was an absolute blast designing each detail of this pack from the smallest set dressing elements to the largest mega-assemblies. Me and team were keen on creating a pack in which one could really world-build - literally from the ground up.

For the design of the assets, I made sure to cover all types of heavy industries: steel, cement, oil, and nuclear (to name a few) to truly give the most flexibility to build whatever you can imagine. It was an amazing design challenge making things look specific yet generic at the same time so that every asset can be used in an infinite number of ways and hold up in detail at any scale. The incredible job done by the team on the factory worker, welder character, and forklift vehicle truly bring it life. Every single asset has hand-painted textures to give them a natural look. 

Like with other packs, we wanted to make sure these assets look great both from a distance and up close. This pack has everything you need to build anything from gigantic industrial complexes to human-scale interiors with cables and characters. Enjoy it.

Lastly a huge shoutout the entire BIG/MEDIUM/SMALL team who helped create this pack, and made it possible. Amazing group of artists that I feel honored to have worked with!

Jama Jurabaev
Daniel Mille
Andrei Pogarskii
Andrey Kozyrenko
Zhoslen Makoev
Nikita Skotin
Oleg Zherebin
Andrey Berezin

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